Valentine’s Jewelry Shopping Guide

Valentine’s Jewelry Shopping Guide


It’s that time of the year again!  Please shop our Handmade Artisans stores for a truly meaningful gift.  Wonderful jewelry ideas for your all your sweeties this Valentine’s day!
To view the artist or visit their stores, please hover over or click the image. 


Valentine’s Day Component Shopping Guide

Valentine’s Day Component Shopping Guide


It’s time to start creating your Valentine’s Jewelry!! Please visit our members  stores for you Valentine’s Components ~ A huge variety &  perfect for your jewelry designs!
To view store name or visit, please hover and click to be redirected there.

Valentines Components featured


Art Jewelry Collective – A new project

Art Jewelry Collective – A new project


I’m slowly working on a new project called “Art Jewelry Collective”  but the holidays are upon us and our handmade jewelry designers need more visibility.  In order to participate you must embed the Art Jewelry Collective WIDGET on your blog sidebar or as a blog post. See details below! Art jewelry collective holiday shopping guide

Add a sidebar widget, blog post or both to your blog or website, post a comment below with:

  1. Your blog URL
  2. Preferred store item URL to be featured  

& we’ll do the rest to get your store added!

As we add new participants your slideshow will automatically update. Each time your blog is visited, the stores will rotate randomly giving everyone a fair view.   If you’re blogging be sure to share the link EVERYWHERE so that we can get our jewelry found, seen and bought!  This is a joint effort…it won’t work unless we all commit to sharing and talking about it! See the sidebar widget in action on the right side here!


To add the widget to your BLOGGER post or sidebar:  Copy & Paste this HTML code under the gadget HTML/Javascript: Title – Art Jewelry Collective. When adding as a post,be sure you click the HTML button on the post top left (as shown below) (copy & paste code below the image code that you see there) (walkthrough at bottom of post) 


<div id="cp_widget_751c7a96-79cb-45d6-9220-e44b239d3d35">...</div><script type="text/javascript"> var cpo = []; cpo["_object"] ="cp_widget_751c7a96-79cb-45d6-9220-e44b239d3d35"; cpo["_fid"] = "AQKAJHcjGpKo"; var _cpmp = _cpmp || []; _cpmp.push(cpo); (function() { var cp = document.createElement("script"); cp.type = "text/javascript"; cp.async = true; cp.src = "//"; var c = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; c.parentNode.insertBefore(cp, c); })(); </script><noscript>Powered by Cincopa <a href=''>Video Hosting for Business</a> solution.</noscript>

All blog posts must include our banner: copy the image URL and  upload our banner: 

Art jewelry collective holiday shopping guide

To Embed as HTML on other platforms: Use the below code: (be sure to be in code posting option (text, html etc) 
<div id="cp_widget_34bf8d84-f32d-4488-9128-63bed6eeceaf">...</div><script type="text/javascript">
var cpo = []; cpo["_object"] ="cp_widget_34bf8d84-f32d-4488-9128-63bed6eeceaf"; cpo["_fid"] = "AQKAJHcjGpKo";
var _cpmp = _cpmp || []; _cpmp.push(cpo);
(function() { var cp = document.createElement("script"); cp.type = "text/javascript";
cp.async = true; cp.src = "//";
var c = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
c.parentNode.insertBefore(cp, c); })(); </script><noscript>Powered by Cincopa <a href=''>Video Hosting for Business</a> solution.<span>Art Jewelry Collective Artists Slideshow </span><span>For Artist links only </span><span>Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard </span><span>originaldate</span><span> 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM</span><span>width</span><span> 465</span><span>height</span><span> 391</span><span>Heidi Kingman Jewelry</span><span>By Heidi Kingman Jewelry</span><span>originaldate</span><span> 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM</span><span>width</span><span> 618</span><span>height</span><span> 618</span><span>Great ideas for gift giving - Artisan Jewelry! </span><span>originaldate</span><span> 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM</span><span>width</span><span> 1124</span><span>height</span><span> 1028</span><span>Kristi Bowman Designs </span><span>originaldate</span><span> 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM</span><span>width</span><span> 440</span><span>height</span><span> 440</span><span>BANDANA GIRL - Melinda Orr</span><span>BANDANA GIRL - Melinda Orr</span><span>cameramake</span><span> NIKON CORPORATION</span><span>height</span><span> 1795</span><span>camerasoftware</span><span> Ver.1.00 </span><span>originaldate</span><span> 10/8/2014 9:39:15 PM</span><span>width</span><span> 2243</span><span>cameramodel</span><span> NIKON D60</span><span>Judith Ann Boyer </span><span>Judith Ann Boyer </span><span>originaldate</span><span> 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM</span><span>width</span><span> 440</span><span>height</span><span> 440</span><span>Linda Younkman ~ Lindy's Designs </span><span>Linda Younkman of Lindy's Designs </span><span>originaldate</span><span> 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM</span><span>width</span><span> 443</span><span>height</span><span> 341</span><span>Claire Lee ~ Art Queen Claire</span><span>Claire Lee of Art Queen Clair</span><span>originaldate</span><span> 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM</span><span>width</span><span> 570</span><span>height</span><span> 501</span><span>Art Jewelry Collective - Please consider shopping our stores this holiday!</span><span>flash</span><span> 16</span><span>cameramake</span><span> NIKON CORPORATION</span><span>height</span><span> 432</span><span>orientation</span><span> 1</span><span>camerasoftware</span><span> Adobe Photoshop CS4 </span><span>originaldate</span><span> 11/25/2010 10:15:51 AM</span><span>width</span><span> 650</span><span>cameramodel</span><span> NIKON D40</span><span>Janet Bocciardi of Honey From the Bee </span><span>originaldate</span><span> 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM</span><span>width</span><span> 570</span><span>height</span><span> 499</span></noscript>

adding code to blogger post

To add (embed) to your BLOGGER sidebar:

    • Login to your blog
    • Click the DESIGN tab, top right of blog
    • Choose LAYOUT
    • Choose ADD A GADGET on your sidebar
    • Scroll down to HTML/Javascript and click the +
    • Add ART JEWELRY COLLECTIVE as the title
    • Copy and paste this code:

<div id="cp_widget_751c7a96-79cb-45d6-9220-e44b239d3d35">...</div><script type="text/javascript"> var cpo = []; cpo["_object"] ="cp_widget_751c7a96-79cb-45d6-9220-e44b239d3d35"; cpo["_fid"] = "AQKAJHcjGpKo"; var _cpmp = _cpmp || []; _cpmp.push(cpo); (function() { var cp = document.createElement("script"); cp.type = "text/javascript"; cp.async = true; cp.src = "//"; var c = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; c.parentNode.insertBefore(cp, c); })(); </script><noscript>Powered by Cincopa <a href=''>Video Hosting for Business</a> solution.</noscript>

Click save and view blog…should work perfectly!


Should look like this:

Configure HTML for blogger


Seed Bead Suppliers

Seed Bead Suppliers


Find a source for your seed beads or add your favorite “Seed Bead” suppliers to the resource list.

Destash Your Unwanted Beading Supplies or Auction Your Handmade Components

Destash Your Unwanted Beading Supplies or Auction Your Handmade Components


CBC Buy and sell header JUST LISTED! 
Our Buy & Sell Facebook group is a great place to pick up handmade components & destashed (Priced to Sell) jewelrymaking supplies.  Creative Bead Chat members offer an awesome selection to choose from.  Please stop by regularly to see what you can use or sell! Remember “one beader’s trash is another beader’s treasure!”

Click here view the CBC Buy and Sell right here on the website:

Guidelines/Rules For Buying & Selling

Please read ALL of the rules below before listing an item to sell or bidding on an item to buy.

This group has been created to allow members of Creative Bead Chat to sell their handmade jewelry components and beads,  or destash beads and other jewelry making related supplies. You will only be added to this group if you are a member of our CreativeBead Chat group.


This group is for people to buy and sell HANDMADE jewelry components such as beads, links, connectors, charms, pendants, handmade clasps and toggles etc.  All items MUST be handmade by the seller themselves.

It is not for members to sell their commercial products that they did not make themselves UNLESS they are destashing items at a lower price, see below.


When destashing items that are manufactured or that you did not make yourself, you must offer a significant discount on your BIN price or auction starting price. At least 25% discount on retail price, or more if you’re feeling generous! Remember, you’re destashing because you no longer want/need these items.

Destash items can include handmade beads from your stash that are made by other artists, regular manufactured beads, chain, brass stampings, links/connectors, fibre, findings, tools etc.  If destashing artisan beads, please state the artist if you can remember. If destashing seconds, condition and any faults must be clearly stated and must be described as seconds.


There are three ways you can choose to sell. It is the sellers choice at which format to use. Please see the example listing or look at how others have set out their listings.

Please read ALL rules below before listing an item for sale.

BIN – Buy It Now – You have a fixed price that you want your item to sell for.

Auction – You place a starting bid on your listing, highest bidder wins.

Auction & BIN – You place a starting bid and a BIN on your listing. Your starting bid for auction should be lower than your BIN price. You can choose whether the first bid cancels the BIN or whether BIN is valid throughout the auction, effectively ending the auction and cancelling auction bids.

Buyers’ Rules:

 1. Having the highest bid placed on an auction or calling BIN first means you win that item. If you bid on an item you MUST be prepared to pay for it.Non-payers will be removed from the group. 

2. You must pay the winning amount to the seller within 48 hours.

3. If you know you will not have funds available within 48 hours do not place a bid. Bidding on an item, winning and asking the seller to keep hold of it for you for X amount of days is not acceptable UNLESS you discuss privately with the seller BEFORE placing the bid and X amount of days is acceptable to the seller.

4. Bidding or BIN must always be done in the group in the comments section. You must not PM sellers and make offers outside of the group.

5. If you wish to purchase insurance this should be arranged between the buyer and seller via PM.

If you are not happy with the item once you receive it, or if it is damaged in the post, you must contact the seller to discuss and come to an arrangement. CBC Buy & Sell take no responsibility for items not received, damaged or lost in the post. 

Sellers’ Rules:

Please include all relevant information in your listing. 

Item price. Item location. Postage price – domestic/international. Listing format – auction/BIN or both. Listing end time&date. Item description, including material and sizes. Post one clear, well lit and in focus image. You may add additional images in the comments immediately after posting. 

Sellers may also include a link to their website or store included in their listing. 

Sellers should use their own currency. It is up to buyers to use a currency exchange rate tool to determine how much they are bidding/willing to pay. 

You should use the EST (Easten Standard Time, New York) in your listing. You can check the time difference/world clock here –

1. Accept Paypal only. This covers both buyers and sellers.

2. You must be willing to post internationally.

 3. Sellers are only allowed to have two active items posted at any one time.  As soon as the one or both item sell, sellers may post another item for sale. Any additional listings will be removed by an Admin.

4. If destashing you must state DESTASH at the beginning of your listing.

5. If selling handmade beads/components they must be handmade byyourself.

6. All handmade items should be of good quality, something you would list in your own store. Destash/seconds must be clearly labelled as such.

7. Listings should clearly state the postage costs, both domestic and international at the top of the listing a long with the listings format (auction or BIN), starting price or/and BIN price.

8. If you do not state the postage costs, then buyer assumes it is free postage. Undeclared postage costs cannot be added to the winning bid after an auction has ended.

9. All auctions must last either 24 or 48 hours. Auction length must be stipulated at the top of your auction a long with the time it ends and the timezone.

10. Sellers should not edit their listing and change anything once the listing has a bid.

12. Sellers are only allowed to bump their listings once every 12 hours. Sellers may respond to any questions in the comments, this will not be counted as a bump.

13. You must include at least one image. Additional images may be added as comments directly after posting your listing.

14. Mark your listing as SOLD in the description by editing your post once it has sold. Once you have received payment, please remove your listing by deleting it, save any relevant information you may need first.

14a. Sellers should tag the winning bidder in the post by using the FB tagging action of @ before the buyers name. If tagging is not possible for any reason, seller should PM the buyer and initiate contact.

15. If a buyer fails to pay within 48 hours and/or ignores contact from the seller, the seller may relist the item or offer it to the second highest bidder. Second highest bidder can decline to buy.

16. If a buyer fails to pay within 48 hours please report them to an admin so they can be removed from the group.

17. Payment/address details should be discussed by the seller and buyer via PM, not on the group.

18. Sellers should retain proof of postage. Sellers who do not send their items to buyers will be removed from the group.

19. Please remember to start your auctions at a price you are willing to sell at. You may not refuse to sell to a winning bidder because you did not get the price you anticipated/wanted. Sellers who refuse to sell to the winning bidder will be removed from the group.

General Rules

Links to items for sale on other sites is not allowed.

Advertising your blog, FB page, store or website is not allowed, unless including your link with a listing.

General questions should be posted in the group as a new post, not PM’d to an admin.

Spammers will be banned.

Politeness and respect for others is essential. Rudeness will be warned, troublemakers will be removed from the group.

Please do not question, critisize or offer below the starting price stated in a listing.

If you see a rule violation, or have any other issue with the group, DO NOT post about it in the group and call someone out in public.  Please report the post to admin by clicking the Report option in the drop down of the listing you have a problem with, or alternatively message Natalie McKenna, Melinda Orr, Linda Younkman or Cynthia Machata.

Click here, if your listed images aren’t showing up.

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