Share The Love – Valentine’s Inspiration

Share The Love – Valentine’s Inspiration

Be inspired by Artisan created Valentine’s Jewelry and Component designs.

If you find something you like, you can click on the image to go to their Instagram page and comment or review their profile for more info or many will be adding their info in the comments below.  Also, you can share an image to your favorite social site by hovering over the picture: Dk Blue = Facebook, Lt Blue = Twitter and Red = Pinterest.

If interested in adding your work, please scroll to the bottom for the details!  Enjoy!

  • Pretty pink and ivory pearl memory wire bracelet with pinkhellip
  • Amber and Dumorterite Sterling Bracelet httpwwwomisilveretsycom cbcvd valentines handmade
  • Unexpected Heart Donut  bobbiejwilsoncomproductunexpectedheartdonut handmade fusedglass cbcvd
  • bandanagirl silverjewelry heartjewelry moonstone A sweet new design! cbcvd
  • Sweet heart earrings  bohostyle bohemian handcrafted handmadeatamazon bandanagirl heartearringshellip
  • First wave of Heart pairs 30 to start will behellip
  • AztecaDesignsBoutique hearts hoops argentiumsilver simplyher forher giftideas giftwrapped sweetheart valentinehellip
  • Sweethearts Forever! Fabricated from copper sheet Argentium wire and lotshellip
Want your Valentine’s items included??  

Excited to share our first INSTAGRAM #hashtag slide show.  If you have a relevant Valentine’s component or jewelry design you would like to be included follow these directions:

  • Go to your INSTAGRAM App and click the Camera Icon
  • Upload a “Valentine’s relevent component, jewelry design or collage. Could be a selfie shot of you or another wearing your design too.  (Remember Instagram uses a “square image”)
  • In the “Add a Caption” Add a description, business name, website link (while it won’t be a live URL, folks can copy and paste to find you)  add any #hashtags you want, but you
  • MUST*** add our CBC # to be auto included in our slideshow.  #cbcvd
  • Click OK…then SHARE.
  • You may also edit a previous Instagram post to add the #cbcvd
  • Check back in an hour to see your product shine!
  • Please limit to maximum of 15 images
  • In comments below: You may add your Instagram Name, Business Name, Website URL  and any other pertinent info you want include.  Please create one Comment for all info.  This way folks can find you easier! Comments must be approved so you may not see them until someone has time to do so.

We hope you’ll share our page with all your friends to inspire them for Valentine’s…It’s all about the love!  Let’s share each others beautiful jewelry and component designs.  Just maybe we’ll all get a little love and find some great new Artisans to connect with! Any ideas for other Instagram feeds?  It’s a great tool and seen by a huge audience!  Let’s build our businesses!

Meet Melissa Camilleri – Author of the 21 Day Insta-course

Meet Melissa Camilleri – Author of the 21 Day Insta-course

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melissa camilleri headerHi~ Melinda here::

I was excited to to partake in this excellent course last month. The 21 Day Insta-course with Melissa Camilleri.   I rarely spend my hard earned money on lessons & classes. I always think,

“I can do this myself!”

How many of you feel this way??   Honestly , if you’re older than 30, then you are likely lost with Instagram as I was.  I’m lucky enough to have “under 25” daughters & son that have kept me in the loop of new online social engagement.  Instagram is BIG…really BIG!    What I’m seeing is that the under 30 crowd is there…not facebook…  Young  professionals are connecting on Instagram.  It’s slowly building to the over 30 crowd.   This is a big market that shouldn’t be ignored.  I felt I needed to understand it better to help  me make informed choices for my budgeted time and adverstising.

instagram buttonI loved Melissa’s down to earth and “real” approach to understanding the how’s and whys of Instagram.  I got it…it really made sense and was easy to implement.  Honestly the daily email is broken down into “very” do-able steps of getting to the core of your business concept and getting that message across to your customers.  I will be retaking the course “as a veteran” this time around with you all and would love to connect with you as we explore and build our sales with Instagram.  I hope you’ll consider joining in and learning with me!

Early Bird price ends THIS FRIDAY..

so don’t delay on getting signed up.  It’s worth every penny I spent and I’m 100% happy with the in depth knowledge I’ve achieved and have begun to implement.  I will continue to learn as part of the 21 day Facebook team that shares all their ideas, questions etc., just like we do on our own CBC Facebook group.  It’s a wonderful group ready to connect with new members!

I believe you’ll love this course and I’ve invited Melissa Camilleri to guest post and tell us a little about it.

Her new class starts August 21st and will be the last until 2016, as she is also a jewelry designer and runs her business as well as offering this great course!  So she really gets us & she’s one of us!

melissa camilleri headerGuest  post  by  Melissa  Camilleri,   Founder  of  Compliment,  Inc.  and  the   21-­‐Day  Insta-­‐course

As  long  as  you  haven’t  been  living   under  a  rock  the  past  couple  years,   you’ll  know  that  Instagram  should  be   a  key  component  to  your  online   marketing  strategy,  especially  as  a   product-­‐based  business,  where  what   we  do  is  so  visual!
Likely,  you  already  have  a  presence   on  Instagram.    If  you’re  anything  like  I   was  when  I  first  started  using  the   platform,  your  growth  has  been  slow   going  and  your  reach  not  quite   multiplying  in  the  way  you  see  it   happening  for  other  businesses.    It’s   frustrating  to  be  in  this  space.

It  took  me  one  full  year  to  grow  to   1000  followers  on  Instagram.    But   knowing  how  important  the  platform   was  to  my  overall  marketing  strategy,   I  was  determined  and  focused.    I   observed  and  took  action.  I  put  in   place  some  key  strategies  that  took   my  Instagram  (@shopcompliment)   from  1000  to  17,000  the  following   year.    These  days,  I’m  adding  an   average  of  1500  new  followers  per   month,  have  a  following  of  over  30K   and  get  70%  of  my  website  traffic  and   conversions  from  Instagram.    I’m   selling  five-­‐figures  month  after   month,  and  my  Instagram  strategy  is   a  large  part  of  that.

I  have  no  special  photography  or  tech   training  under  my  belt.    Just  sheer   will,  an  iPhone,  plus  the  mindset  that   where  my  attention  goes,  grows.

Here  are  four  things  you  can  start   doing  today  to  give  you  the   foundation  to  start  actually  getting   seen,  building  relationships,  and   making  money  on  Instagram:

Show  up  consistently.
It  is  essential  that  if  you  have  an   Instagram  account,  you  are  posting  at   least  once  a  day  to  show  up  in  the  the   conversation  that’s  happening  on  IG.     Posting  consistently  will  keep  you  top   of  mind  in  your  customer’s  heads.     Did  you  know  that  studies  show  that   a  potential  customer  has  to  interact   with  a  brand  a  minimum  of  7  times   before  ever  taking  action?    The  more   you  post,  the  quicker  this  will  happen.   That  said,  you  don’t  want  to  overload   your  followers’  feeds,  so  I  suggest   posting  no  more  than  3  times  per  day,   with  at  least  4  hours  between  posts.

Get  social.
Interact  with  the  people  who   comment  on  your  photos.    @Mention   them  back.    Ask  them  questions.     Share your  gratitude.    And  don’t  be   afraid  to  leave  comments  on  other   people’s  pictures,  too.  Be  generous   with  your  likes.    Follow  back  people   who  are  consistently  interacting  with   you.    It’s  called  a  social  network  for  a   reason!    Let  people  get  to  know  you,   and  seek  ways  to  get  to  know  your   followers.

Post  with  your  ideal  customer  in   mind.
What  does  she  like  about    your   brand?    What  is  on  her  mind  at  the   time  of  the  day you’re  posting?    What   does  she  talk  about  with  her  friends?     Where  is  she  when  she buys  from   you?    What  are  her  dreams?    What   are  her  problems  and  how  does  your   product  solve  them?    When  you  write   the  captions  of  your  photos,  keep  her   in  mind.   Write  directly  to  her.    You’ll   find  that  your  engagement  will  grow   authentically  with people  who  are   excited  about  what  you’re  putting  out   into  the  world.

Understand  that  your  numbers  are   less  important  than  engagement.
The  number  of  followers  you  have  is   definitely  important.    Followers  act   like  little  votes  of  confidence  and  give   your  brand  credibility.    And  because   people  do  what  they  see  other  people   do,  the  more  followers  you  have,  the   more  followers  you  will  get.  But,  what  good  is  a  bunch  of   followers  who  don’t  ever  buy  your   stuff?    (I’ll  give  you  a  hint:  NO  GOOD   AT  ALL.)    Numbers  aren’t  everything.   Engagement  is  what  matters  most.

By  putting  these  strategies  into  place   you  will  be  taking  major  leaps  in   building  trust  with  your  followers  and   turning  those  followers  you  do  have   into  raving  fans  and  life-­‐long   customers.


Melissa  Camilleri  is  the  Founder  +   Creative  Director  of  Compliment-­‐-­‐a   gift  brand  she  launched  in  2011  while   she  was  a  full-­‐time  high  school  English   and  AVID  teacher.    She  credits   Instagram  for  helping  her  grow  her   business  from  a  production  line  on   her  dining  room  table  to  the  socially-­‐ responsible  corporation  it  is  now.    At   the  urging  of  her  business-­‐owner   friends  who  wanted  to  replicate  her   marketing  success,  Melissa  dusted  off   her  teaching  hat  and  created  the  21-­‐ Day  Insta-­‐course  to  help  others   market  their  products,  services,  and   brick  and  mortar  shops.    Tens  of   thousands  have  attended  her  virtual   courses,  participated  in  her   workshops,  and  studied  under  her   guidance.    She  believes  we  rise  by   lifting  others.    She  lives  and  loves  in   Northern  California.
melissa camilleri head shot

Say  hello  to  Melissa  on  Instagram   @shopcompliment.

Want  more  ways  to  leverage   Instagram  for  your  product-­‐based   business?
Register  now  for  the  21-­‐Day  Insta-­‐ course  with  Melissa  Camilleri  of  @shopcompliment.

The  course  is  delivered  daily,  straight   to  your  inbox,  and  gives  you   actionable  tasks  each  day  to  grow   your  following  of  authentic,  engaged   customers.

You’ll  learn:
-How  to  craft  your  bio  so  that  people   want  to  buy.
-How  to  communicate  your  brand   values  through  images.
-How  to  engage  your  following   through  hashtags,  direct  messaging,   comments,  and  geotags.
-What  and  when  to  post.
-How  to  find  and  collaborate  with  key influencers.
-How  to  find  your  ideal  customer  on Instagram.
-How  to  present  your  company  in  the best,  most  aesthetic  way  online.
-How  to  manage  your  time  on  social media. &  much,  much  more.

You’ll  also  get:

-Lifetime  access  to  the  21  lessons  and   action  steps  that  you  can  implement   with  the  group  or  go-­‐at-­‐your-­‐own-­‐ pace,  taught  by  an  actual  teacher  who   is  an  expert  in  adult  learning  practices.
-An  audio  of  each  lesson  so  you  can   learn  on  the  go.
-Downloadable  PDFs  to  accompany   the  lessons.
-A  directory  of  course  participants  so   you  can  connect  on  Instagram  and   elsewhere  online.
-Access  to  our  private  Facebook   community  where  hundreds  of  other   business  owners  gather  to   collaborate,  share  insights,  and  cheer   one  another  on.
-FREE  group  coaching  and  collaboration  with  Melissa  during  the   course.  (value  $499)

(*Early  bird  price  of  $127  goes  up  to   $177  on  Aug  1,  2015.

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