I have always loved fabrics and its a shame I don’t sew much.  Imagine how excited I was to try adding them to my jewelry!  I had some reservations, as I know some of you may as well, and I covered some of them here.


I almost exclusively use them as the back part of a necklace.  I really tend to “go big” on the front portion of my necklaces, so I don’t usually bead all the way around.  I found that fabric can keep that interest of color and texture in the design without competing with the main focal.  Also, its nice to have something light to balance the visually heavy front.  Anyhow, its simple to use silks and fabrics in your pieces, and you don’t even need fancy or specialized connectors (though some do like them, so I will link to them at the end).

via Love My Art Jewelry: Tutorial: Silk and Fabric Necklace.    “Read More”

Melinda Orr
My journey of jewelry design started with ceramics and then to metalwork, adding leather and seed beading in the last year. My style is rustic and I'm forever searching for a fresh new approach to my designs. BANDANA GIRL WEBSITE
Melinda Orr
Melinda Orr

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Melinda Orr
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