Where did the name Blumudd come from?
I wanted to name the company Blue Water Clay because I live in Sunny Florida, just minutes from the Gulf of Mexico.  AT the time I was setting up my business, that name was already taken.  So I had to start playing around with words.  I settled on Blue Mud but alas, that too was taken.  So I played with the spelling a bit and sure enough, Blu Mudd was available so I snatched it quickly!  We are now toying with the idea of changing the name but haven’t made a final decision yet.

How and when did you get into the ceramics business?
I was first introduced to ceramics in college in 2004.  I took a hand building class that met for 5 hours every Saturday and it was the highlight of my week!  I could not wait for Saturday!  I have been in love since.

What’s your favourite technique and glaze? Anything new you’d like to try or master?
My favorite technique is freehand sculpting.  It’s a little difficult working so small in jewelry pieces, but I enjoy it the most.  I have two favorite glazes.  Textured Turquoise and Palladium, both by Amaco.   I’d love to work more with a wheel making functional pieces as well as jewelry pieces.  I’d also like to work more in sculpture.  All on the to-do list.


Talk us through your process, what inspires you?
I’m usually inspired by texture and color.  When I first started out I mainly used commercial stamps on slabs but more and more I’m starting to move away from that as there just isn’t as much creativity in that.  Now I sculpt a lot more and I make molds of things I find in nature that catch my eye or a great texture on an everyday item.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but the fun is in trying.

How do you balance working from home with family/home life?
Balance?  I don’t think I do.  Something always suffers.  Some days the housework doesn’t get done and some days I don’t work as much as I’d like.  I’ve learned to go with the flow.  When my family requires more of my time, I spend less time in the studio and when they’re all doing fine, I work more.  I often think working in a studio outside of my home would allow more studio time and less distraction but I also like that I’m home when my kids come home from school as well.  So again, I don’t know if I balance it, I think it balances me.



Natalie McKenna
Ceramic artist, mum to one child and many cats. Lover of coffee, Scotland and beads!
Natalie McKenna
Natalie McKenna

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