In my growing love for beadweaving with all kinds of beads, I found a few great articles to help you create your own.  Being of the creative mind, I automatically try to create my own patterns…this gets me into trouble every time.  I have so much to learn and  my work needs some fine tuning, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to share my ideas.  So while I practice,  you guys should learn how to make patterns so I can learn more technique…haha!  Well actually, I’ll be trying this out too.  Have fun and would love to hear your ideas and steps to create patterns.  Please share!


Create Beading Patterns with Inkscape (free software)

by 3D Beading

This is a step by step tutorial for using a few features in Inkscape, a free software for vector design.   It’s well written and easy to follow and gives very good results.

Stitchboard Free Pattern Wizard

by Stitchboard is a community and offers a pattern wizard to upload a photography or scan of an image and then turn it into a variety of patterns either for beading or other needlework crafts such as cross stitch, embroidery, knitting, and crochet.

The software on the web site guides you through the process and gives you choices such as the type of stitch you want (brick, peyote, square stitch, right angle weave, loom,

and herringbone) and the type of beads you plan to use (Delicas or oval seed beads). Once you plug everything in and upload your image, you can preview it and make any changes you want. Then you can download it as a PDF or .gif. This is a free service, and you can learn more about it the Pattern Wizard site.  You are definitely limited to a perfectly even design but offers a great way to bring in your personal images etc.


Beaders Canvas:  $40 

Beader’s Canvas is a drawing software and using it you can also modify pictures. The canvas is the area in the center of the screen where you create patterns. Patterns can be created from a picture or by drawing. You can work on up to three patterns at once on the canvas. 

Create an original image by using the Draw cursor tool to color beads (graph cell) in the same way you would use graph paper.

Quick to install and easy to use. Includes informative HELP information and email address for support, should you need it.

Beadtool 4

Beadtool 4 : Beading Software For Everyone

For the Hobbyist Beader

Even if you’ve never used beading software before, you’ll have no problem unleashing your creativity with BeadTool. Everything you need to design beautiful bead patterns is presented in an intuitive user interface. If you ever get stuck there are instructional videos to walk you through various tasks.

For the Professional Designer

So you’ve spent your fair share on expensive beading software that just isn’t cutting it any more. You’ll find this application a treat to work with. If you sell your patterns, BeadTool 4 gives you more freedom to design your prints and PDFs as you want your customers to see them.



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